Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Attack on land - nothing new!

On 20th December the EU instructed the commander of Atalanta to draw up new plans for revised rules of engagement - plans to attack 'pirate' basis on the land. It became news nine days later after it was leaked in the German media. For Germany to become involved in on-shore attacks a new mandate has to be passed in the German parliament.

A spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry said that the changes would mean "limited destruction of piracy logistics on the beach" but "no deployment on land." The statements raise interesting questions - when is a beach not land? And how far inland does a beach extend?

Actually members of Atalanta have actually already been deployed on land. In one known incident video coverage shows French troops attacking people on land after  the French boat Le Ponant was hi-jacked in 2008. Six people were arrested and three people were killed during the 'operation'.